Contribute to the Project

GCModeller is an open source project and the source code is available on GitHub. To contribute bug fixes or new features, just fork the repository and send us a pull request!

Report Bugs

Whenever you encounter something that doesn't work as it should, we'd love it if you could file a bug report on github issue or e-mail the master developer through

For a program bugs: Make sure to include a detailed description of the issue and the steps needed for reproducing it. Attaching a small test case makes this even easier for us.

For a program error: Generally, you can found a error log in the app local data location, and this location is usually at:

  • Microsoft Windows: C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Local\GCModeller\<app_name>\.logs\err\
  • Linux/Mac OS: <USER_HOME>/.local/share/GCModeller/<app_name>/.logs/err/

Get Help

Except the github issue, and you also can visiting the GCModeller developer blog. Algorithm, scientific problems, programming development in GCModeller will posted at this blog site.



This open source project is funding by BioNovoGene company.

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